Lake Larsson School of Ukulele

Welcome to the Lake Larsson School of Ukulele 

The Valley of Stars Ukulele Social Club

1452  Coastal Road    Brooksville, ME  04617     207. 423. 1785

It's Ukulele Time at Valley of Stars Farm!

A Few Reasons to Learn to Play the Ukulele:

  • The ukulele encourages love of life and can be played just about anywhere.
  • It has a long and illustrious history.
  • The ukulele is charming, comical and lends itself to understanding the happiness of the moment.
  • It will inspire you to sing out loud and write songs!
  • Playing the ukulele increases mental dexterity and promotes a general sense of well being.
  • It can be played by all ages from 4-104 and does not discriminate.
  • A great alternative medicine for many ailments, mostly concerning the heart and mind.
  • Many a virtuoso has emerged from playing this wildly small instrument.
  • You, too can become a You-Tube Star!


 Lake Larsson School of Ukulele  1452 Coastal Road    Brooksville, ME  04617    207. 423. 1785